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SCET Received High Praise from IChemE Certification

According to the regulation of IChemE, Chemical engineering and technology of Tianjin University needs re-accreditation after passing the ‘Master Level’ of IChemE in 2008.

On April 1st, the experts from IChemE international certification investigated Tianjin University. During the inspection, the experts had a conference with Jiajun Li president, exchanging views on different issues including the development of chemical engineering, the obtained achievements, the planning of future development and so forth. Meanwhile, in order to obtain the feedback and satisfaction of this major, panels also had a conference with students, graduates and employers, respectively. Moreover, the experts consulted all the teaching materials including the course outline, teaching materials, textbooks, test paper, homework, practicing and experiment reports and they discussed with some teachers in the department on such issues as teaching method, teaching scheme execution, safety education, quality-oriented education, training of chemical engineering design, engineering design. They also get a detailed knowledge of the process of education and teaching. At last, the teaching laboratory, the computer center and many research labs were checked.

After two days inspection, the experts put forward some suggestions on the re-accreditation. Yingjin Yuan, the vice president, attended the meeting with some relative principals of teaching affairs office and school of chemical technology and engineering accompanied. Many aspects were given high praise by experts, such as, students, teaching schemes, teachers’ professional level and spirits, practice training, laboratory construction, scientific research environment and achievements. Experts are unanimous that Tianjin University has reached the IChemE ‘Master Level’ professional certification standards. The results were reviewed by the IChemE headquarters, who will give the final conclusion and detailed reports.

Over the years, Tianjin University is always paying attention to the combination of chemical engineering and technology with the chemical industry development and the international well-known chemical engineering education reform. Tianjin University deepens the reform and has achieved good results in teaching plans, teaching contents, teaching methods, the practice training, evaluation methods, etc., winning much praise from domestic and foreign counterparts and employers.